The Juicer


Defend your farm from hordes of mutated fruits and vegetables in this addictive FPS game


  • Strong FPS elements
  • Hilarious gameplay attacking mutated fruits and vegetables
  • Upgrade your weapons, fence armor, or grenades with money earned
  • Timer ensures you always try to complete levels as quickly as possible
  • Steady difficulty curve makes environments more challenging


  • Story is underdeveloped
  • Poor graphics

The Juicer is a free first person shooter, arcade-style game for PC, developed by Big Fish Games, in which a player must help a farmer to save his farm and himself by defeating huge, mutated fruits and vegetables and collecting their juice to formulate a cure.

Farming Gone Wrong

The story behind the game is fairly straight forward. A farmer is desperate to increase the quantity of his harvest. Desperately he tries, with little success. One day, he decides to add a unique genetic formula into the mix and finally sees some results. The problem is that they are grossly oversized ones. Fruits and vegetables spawn at tens of times their original size and try to take over the farm. In order to stop them, the farmer has to take up arms, collect their juice, and use it to create a cure. 

Core Gameplay and Features

Visually, the game is quite basic. Graphics appear to use a very basic graphics engine, with poor textures and shadowing for the fields. While gameplay is more important, better graphics would have been a plus.Environments displayed include lush green environments and farmland, the sky, trees with various fruits growing and, of course, the oversized fruits and vegetables. These are perhaps the most humorous feature of the game, given how flat out crazy they look at times. They have even got weapons at their disposal, presumably 'borrowed' from the farm nearby. 

When you begin a level, you are presented with the game's minimalist UI, including your weapon in the center, the environment from which enemies appear, a timer, grenades, currency and your juice meter. In order to complete a level, you must ensure that your juice meter is full. It can be filled by defeating fruits and vegetables. While not inherently difficult at first, there is a steady enough difficulty curve when more and more enemies appear on your screen simultaneously. Players can also set goals for themselves by completing levels quickly, which will earn medals of various kinds, ultimately leading to more money. 

Enemies come in various types, depending on the theme of the level, the difficulty and other factors. Enemies are placed at a variety of distances, but the earlier you hit them the less overwhelmed you will be throughout. Regular enemies take just a shot or two to kill and are easy enough to spot. Deserters are enemies which try to flee the battlefield as soon as they appear. Killing these will reward you with even more juice than normal. Destroying enemy vehicles before they drop off other enemies will also earn you more juice. 

Deserters are enemies which try to flee the battlefield as soon as they appear. Killing these will reward you with even more juice than normal. Destroying enemy vehicles before they drop off other enemies will also earn you more juice

When fighting enemies, the controls are fairly easy to learn. Firing your weapon can be done with the left mouse button and your on-screen crosshairs, while throwing grenades can be done with the right. Grenades are particularly useful when combatting multiple enemies. If you have more than one weapon, you can switch between them using the mouse roller. 

During a level, a variety of items appear which offer additional bonuses including added time, money, and juice. These are typically farther away and more difficult to hit. By completing a level, or by shooting in-level monetary bonuses, you will earn money which you can spend on grenades, on fence armor or on weapon upgrades. Prices never seem too unreasonable and it is easy enough to afford most items. 

If you find the game to be too easy or too difficult, from the Options menu you can change various settings including difficulty, mouse scrolling speed, screen resolution and volume. For most seasoned FPS players, however, the game will offer little in the way of a challenge.

The Verdict

Overall, the Juicer is a highly entertaining FPS game, albeit a little easy to play at times. Graphics are fairly basic, but gameplay is emphasized above all else. The game displays all major tropes of FPS titles and for the most part represents them well. Aiming is done quite intuitively, difficulty is never overwhelmingly high and enemies are large enough to hit. The juice meter, as well as in-game items and bonuses, offer incentives for completing levels quickly and for upgrading and improving your gear. While not the most sophisticated of FPS games, it's certainly worth a go if you're looking for some casual entertainment. 

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