The Mirror of Beauty

The Mirror of Beauty is a simple photo application with which you’ll be able to have fun changing your virtual look.

A simple and fun application

If you ever wondered how you would look with a different hair style, a different haircut, a different color or even with a surgery, but thought that photo manipulation programs were too complicated, The Mirror of Beauty is your solution. It is much simpler than applications such as Photoshop and includes many function with which you’ll be able to have fun for a while.

Using The Mirror of Beauty is very simple, you just have to add your photograph (or that of anybody whose look you want to change) and follow a few simple steps to outline the contour and position of the face features. Don’t worry, this process is very easy, since the program has an advanced algorithm that does the work on its own.

Convert your face into that of a supermodel

Once you are finished with the initial configurations, you can start having fun changing the shape of your face. Would you like to undergo a face surgery but are afraid that you won’t be satisfied with the result? Don’t worry, with The Mirror of Beauty you can change the shape of your nose, cheekbones, jaws, eyes and eyebrows, among other things.

Besides, you can apply virtual “botox” to fill out wrinkles or get thicker lips. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time carrying out minor changes, the application has an option to automatically make you look younger, make your face more feminine and even change your structure to make it look like that of a model.

Apply makeup to get the look you want

Once your face has just the shape you want, you can start applying makeup. You not only have a large number of elements, but each of these options includes a wide color palette to let you achieve the look you want.

The Mirror of Beauty lets you apply base, liner, mask, eye shading, lipstick, lip liner, blush and even gloss. Have fun trying out looks for day and night, natural or dramatic looks and any combination you can think of. Besides, you can choose between some default profiles, with options such as “day on the beach”, “gothic” or “futuristic”.

Virtually change your hair

Another function in The Mirror of Beauty is the possibility to change your hair style, haircut or color without having to visit your hairdresser. You can try out different options and find out how they would look before doing any permanent change in real life.

The Mirror of Beauty has a large number of hair styles and haircuts, long, short, with straight, curled, picked up or loose hair, etc. And for each of these options you can choose between a large color palette.

Finally, you can add accessories to complete your look. It includes hair, tiaras, pendants, flowers, etc.

In summary, The Mirror of Beauty is a simple application with which you’ll have fun for hours trying out a new look, either because you want to make a change in real life or just for fun. Download it for free!

• Wide range of options
• Easy to use compared to similar applications
• Default looks

• Nothing to report

The Mirror of Beauty limitations:
• Watermark
• Restricted features
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Type Shareware

Version 1.4

Size 1.88 MB

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