The Sims 2: Mascots Trailer


The Sims 2: Mascots Trailer

Those who already know this game will know what is about, but those who have not discover it yet, we would like to tell you that it is one of the most realistic creations of electronic entertainment all around the world.

In Los Sims 2 you should chose any of the characters and keep him or her doing different activities, such as eating, exercising, having social relations, working, etc., so he or she can survive in his or her environment.

Los Sims 2: Mascotas Trailer shows as the advances of the game expansion, where apart from the daily tasks, now you can adopt a pet to be part of the family, in case you have one. Create a copy or go to the shop to get the one you prefer. You can chose among dogs, cats, birds or other animals. Feed them and see them grow as in real life.
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