The Sims 3


The Sims 3


  • Innovative virtual world
  • Enormous customization possibilities
  • Innovation: handling the mood
  • New socialization options
  • Excellent graphics and sounds


  • In some cases it gets difficult to control so many aspects

The Sims 3 is the latest edition of the well-known virtual reality game of the same name. This time, its developers present a completely renewed title, with numerous add-ons and accessories that will make your game an unforgettable experience.

Create your parallel world

If you don’t know yet this classic saga, it is a simulation game in which you can create all sorts of characters, objects and even entire communities; you’ll make them live different experiences. For a start, you’ll have to create the story’s characters from scratch: decide about their look, their clothing, their features and even their personality. Thus, there can be characters that are angry, withdrawn, that tend to fall in love, addicted to work, music fans and much more.

Besides, you’ll create the Sims’ environment. That means you’ll build their home, choose the number of rooms, decide about their furniture and paint their walls in the color you want. But that’s not all, for just as anywhere in the world, the homes are located in neighborhoods. These will be your responsibility as well!

As you advance in the game, you’ll start to discover the importance of the area where the Sims live. Thus, you’ll approach neighbors’ homes, the park or the gym looking for new experiences.

It’s important to note that, since it is a virtual universe that emulates reality, you’ll have to manage every aspect of daily life. Thus, you’ll have to feed your characters, keep them in shape, make sure they go to work or school and let them keep up an active social life. Besides, you’ll have to take care of shopping, paying taxes, keeping the house in good shape and much more.

Changes in The Sims 3

One of the main innovations in this version is the degree of freedom available for each of the characters. Unlike the previous editions, nobody will have restrictions to go over different streets, go near the buildings in the neighborhood or approach other people. On the contrary, all of these actions will be as important as the ones that the Sims develop within their homes. This is because their relationships with the remainder of the community will influence their mood. Although you’ll be able to control a lot of this aspect, in some cases a casual encounter or a scheduled meeting will make your characters sadder, happier, get excited or angry.

In the same sense, an innovative desire system has been added to The Sims 3. You’ll be able to give a goal to each character, but they can also generate their own objectives. Fulfilling these aspirations will contribute to their good mood, so you’ll have to make an effort to have each one get what he desires, otherwise they might die from sadness or lack of energy.

On the other hand, the game developers have included six new neighborhoods in which the Sims can set up their home. In combination with this, there is the already mentioned socializing component: in this edition it will be important to talk with other people, participate in events and know the different places in the land. Besides, the characters will have the option of breaking the rules or taking inadequate decisions, but this can cause the rejection of the community.

Interact with other players

It is worth mentioning the new option that The Sims 3 offers to contact other users all over the world. With this tool you’ll be able to see other Sims and watch other games, save actions of members of your virtual home and get exclusive add-ons and patches for the application.

Finally, it is important that you know about the installation mode for this title. When you click on Download on this page, a powerful video game manager called Origin will be saved on your computer. Once you have this software on your computer, you’ll have to register on its official page to start enjoying its benefits.

Finally, you have to type the text The Sims in the search bar, located in the main interface, and within seconds the utility will offer you the tools required to enjoy an exciting adventure. Besides, this platform has an extended user community, so if you have any difficulty you’ll have the assistance of hundreds of people like you.

In summary, everything is ready for you to generate your virtual world and start experiencing an unforgettable adventure. Don’t wait any longer, and download The Sims 3 now!

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