The Sims 4


Greater control, greater weirdness and greater virtual reality


  • Better functionality
  • Even wackier stories
  • Amazing graphics
  • Loads of fun


  • Nothing noteworthy

The Sims is one of the best loved games to ever come to PC.

The core concept is to create people, construct homes for them to live, and have them interact with others and their environment. It is, in theory, a simulation of real life, where the characters you create grow and live out their virtual existence.

Now in its fourth edition, we’re keen to know what the new game has over the others.

So what is so different in The Sims 4?

Like The Sims 3, there is a huge difference between this game and its older predecessors when it comes to graphics.

When it comes down to it, playing The Sims 4 is virtual reality in essence. You can ultimately remodel yourself into the world. The ‘Create a Sim’ mode is even more manipulable, allowing you to tweak every inch of the face or body of the Sim you’re creating so you can really bring them to life better than you ever could before.

The coolest thing about the mode is that the sliders that were once used to denote the size and angles of a Sims facial features for example are now gone. What they have been replaced with is a simple push-pull motion. To reshape your Sims face or body all you have to do is click on what you want to change with your mouse.

To add to this, when it comes to truly defining your Sims character, you are able to stretch their personality so far as what they sound like, and how they move. This leaves your imagination as the sole mechanism for endless possible creations.

‘Build Mode’ is a wannabe architect’s dream. In past games, the capacity to build really amazing 3-dimensional houses was always there but it was in some ways limited for the fact that the tools could be classed as quite complex for the average user.

In The Sims 4, the controls have been redesigned and improved to enable you construct homes for your Sims easier than ever. For example, you can scale rooms using the push-pull motion as in the ‘Create a Sim’ mode, and if you’re unhappy with the floor plan simply click on a room and move it somewhere else on your lot.

As always in The Sims, we can expect 3 brilliant modes of play, and here comes the third: ‘Live’ mode.

The Sims 4 prides its development on having even weirder stories for you to play out than previous issues. To aid this, they’ve added enhanced emotive responses and unique traits for your Sims so that you can witness even stranger situations which all-in-all replicate those you find yourself in in real life.

The Sims are also a lot smarter and the life that breeds from what you create will fascinate and entertain you for hours on end!

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