Play The Sims free on your Android device!

The Sims has become one of the most popular games in gaming history. Even babies will tell you that it is the best game ever. However, it can be sort of time consuming to spend all that time on your PC trying to take care of your Sims. The Sims FreePlay Android is a strategy game for Android that lets you take The Sims with you wherever you go.

The Sims FreePlay Android lets you do anything you would do in any other Sims game. Create your very own Sims, and later make them get married. Once they have a child you can watch them grow into adults. You can even let them have pets and gardens. Help them bake cakes, take out the trash, buy new houses, and more.

The Sims FreePlay Android of course also allows you to give your Sims entire careers and to follow them throughout it. As they work they will earn Simoleons and will be able to buy things that they want or need. There are also goals that they can complete in order to earn Lifestyle Points which can in turn be spent on even cooler items. Download The Sims FreePlay Android free for Android and take your Sims with you wherever you go!

The Sims FreePlay Android Features:
• Same gameplay as the original game
• Earn Simoleons to buy new things
• Complete goals to earn Lifestyle Points
• Buy cool things with Lifestyle Points

The Sims FreePlay Android Limitations:
• Requires Android 2.0 or higher
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Type Freeware

Version 1.9.8

Size 26.52 MB

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