The Snow


Break the curse by solving an array of puzzles in The Snow

The Snow is a matching puzzle game for your PC. The aim of the game is to solve challenging matching puzzles so that you can lift a curse that has transform the world into a winter wonderland.

This adventure begins as a young girl awakes to find her entire world frozen. It is up to you to help her save her family and thaw the snow by solving match 3 puzzles.

The Snow is a point and click game that offers you seven different game modes, adventure, challenge, relax, fireflies, block, lines and queue. The Snow is a little bit more interactive than your typical puzzle game, as well as providing you with countless logic puzzles to solve it adds a charming storyline makes the game more appealing.

Truthfully, The Snow is really a PC game aimed at young children. The bright, colourful, hand drawn graphics teamed with the cute and enchanting storyline are perfect for stimulating a kid’s imagination!

So if you’ve got a little one who tends to bore easily then The Snow may offer you an enjoyable and inoffensive few hours of entertainment!


• 7 different game modes
• Attractive graphics.


• A bit childish for adults
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Type Shareware

Version 1.0

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