Improve and perfect your chess skills with the challenging Thief!


  • Free chess client
  • Compatible with many chess servers
  • Customizable board
  • Supports chess variations
  • Multiple board feature


  • Unattractive interface


Thief is a free and complete chess client for your PC that you can use to play the classic game on online chess servers.

Do you dream of possessing the talent and brilliance of a young Bobby Fischer? Perhaps you constantly want to enhance your chess abilities but no one will ever play against you? How can you ever reach your full potential if you aren't being challenged? Well budding chess champions Thief may just be the download you need. This chess client allows you to challenge players on popular chess servers so you always have a suitable companion to play against!

Choose to install Thief and once you have chosen a server (the likes of Free Internet Chess Server) you are ready to begin your chess adventure. One of the most attractive features of this particular chess client is that it includes support for different variations of the classic game. Thief can be used to challenge folk to games of Bughouse, Crazyhouse, Losers and Kreigspiel among others. Boredom is never an issue when you have Thief at hand!

Thief allows you to interject your own personality into the age old game of chess. The client includes a fully customizable board that allows you to define and add your own game pieces, an excellent way to liven up the game.

Presenting you with a multiple board feature this game allows you to play and observe several games at the one time. So for the avid and dedicated chess player this provides away of improving their skills with as much opportunity for game practice as possible!

Thief is the ultimate, complete and fun chess client for lovers of the game of kings.


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Type Freeware

Version 2.5

Size 3.84 MB

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