Timberman for PC


How much wood can you woodchuck chuck in this epic lumberjack game


  • Fun & Challenging
  • Cool Arcade Style
  • Quirky Concept


  • Can be hard to master

Timberman is a tree-chopping game based on some old arcade style.

Originally developed for mobile, this fast action game can now be played on your computer. 

The idea is that you command a strong lumberjack with a powerful axe whos job is to chop as much wood as possible from trees. 

As you successfully cut wood your score gets higher and the levels become more difficult to master.

In 4 different environments, play with 8 unique lumbermen and see how great your achievement is.

What might surprise you is how the game quickly goes from relatively easy to exceedingly difficult. The thing to remember while you play is to avoid the branches as they cause the lumbermen a grave future.

Overall the game is lots of fun and will keep the boredom at bay so you should definitely download it! 

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Type Freeware

Version 1.5

Size 10.74 MB

Other versions

1.5 1.4