Tiny Thief


Fulfill your medieval criminal desires in Tiny Thief!

Puzzle games are all over the place these days. It´s hard to ignore their sudden popularity. However, many of them are just slightly different versions of the same game, with sort of original graphics. This is where Tiny Thief comes in: a puzzle game for PC that is set in medieval times and glorifies stealing.

The gameplay is not as straightforward as most games. Though it seems to be a game where you simply have to steal things, as you are a thief, there is actually far more involved. You must create diversions in order to steal things as well as hide yourself to keep out of harm´s way (you are unarmed).

Set in medieval times, the graphics for Tiny Thief are adorable and smart. You will never tire of exploring new worlds and going on missions, even if just to see what kind of characters and settings you will discover. While you wait for this quaint little game to be released, download a free Tiny Thief wallpaper and marvel at the artwork.
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