Tomb Raider : Underworld


Guide Lara Croft through the ancient caves in search of Thor's mythical underworld.


  • Excellent graphics
  • Great storyline
  • Improved gadgets and weapons


  • Nothing noteworthy

Tomb Raider: Underworld is an action-packed shooter game, starring the gaming world's favourite architect Lara Croft. Her latest outing sees her explore an ancient site in search of Thor's hammer and mythical underworld.

For those new to the tense and exciting world of Tomb Raider, this is a classic first person shooter game, your goal as the svelte and savvy heroine is to explore tombs, caves and waters that none, or few, have gone before. By utilizing weapons and gadgets and performing leaps and jumps you wander discovering new artifacts and deadly enemies along the way.

In Tomb Raider: Underworld you begin your journey off the west coast of Thailand where you are assigned the task of discovering and gathering information about a lost underworld civilization. Armed with your two guns and some guide information you must swim, climb and shoot your way through the game to progress.

Since its first incarnation the Tomb Raider world has progressed leaps and bounds. Underworld presents beautiful graphics and seamless gameplay. The scenery of Asia looks incredible and the movement of Croft is smooth and blissfully easy to manipulate. For fans of Tomb Raider this is an excellent and exciting new chapter in the series and for those just entering Croft's universe the game is intriguing and a beauty to behold.

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Type Demo

Version Demo

Size 1.15 GB

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