Tor Browser


Tor Browser: anonymous Navigation on Internet


  • Anonymous Navigation on Internet.
  • Based on Firefox, it allows using its extensions.
  • Increases the security of the computer.


  • Is a little bit slower

There is a lot of stories, like urban legends, regarding to Tor Browser: that there are criminals behind its development, that is used to realize criminal activities, that once a person runs it can find all the answers to all the mysteries about the Cosmos, etc. But the fact is that you can do this from any browser. What Tor Browser does really is to let you navigate anonymous on Internet.

Tor Browser is a modified version of Firefox, so it accepts a great number of complements and extensions from this browser. That way, Tor Browser is one of the most safety ways to navigate through the network.

What it means to navigate anonymously? It means that is more difficult to identify you because your computer doesn’t connect directly with a server, but is redirected through multiple random nodes, either on the upload and the download of data. The result of it is that is almost impossible to find the computer of origin. The disadvantage of Tor Browser in that sense is that the navigation can be slower in some cases.

Tor Browser comes with friendly complements for your security, so the only one thing you have to do to start using Tor Browser is to download it and to install it and you will increase the security of your computer.

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Type Freeware

Version 7.5.6

Size 61.68 MB

Other versions

7.5.6 7.5.5 7.5.4 7.5.3 7.5.2