Controle your Windows 8 by using your Wii and customize the experience to your taste

TouchMote is a utility with which you’ll be able to remotely control Windows 8, using your Wii’s and your Wiimote’s sensor bar.

TouchMote is completely customizable and can be configured within seconds. Thanks to this excellent application you won’t have to get up from your sofa to control the Windows 8 touch interface. It´s ideal for your HTPC or media center, since it provides a handy control without sacrificing functionality.

After downloading TouchMote for free you’ll have to connect your Wii’s sensor bar to your computer and download the option to “match Wiimote” to synchronize the control with the tool. Apart from using the “A” button to simulate the touch of your finger you’ll be able to add hundreds of gestures, shortcuts and commands, either for the operating system in general or for each specific application. Thus you’ll control your PC in the most efficient way, from a distance. You’ll even find a virtual keyboard which you can access at any moment by simply pressing a button.

In summary, if you are looking for a convenient and reliable way to control your PC from a distance, without losing the Windows 8 functionality, TouchMote is just what you need. Download it for free!

• Completely customizable
• Doesn’t use a lot of resources
• On-screen virtual keyboard
• Lets you add shortcuts

• Only compatible with Wiimote

TouchMote icon

Type Freeware

Version 1.0 beta 7

Size 2.73 MB

Other versions

1.0 beta 7