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Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is one of the world’s most famous and popular board games. For decades, users all over the world test their knowledge in general areas of interest in this questions and answers game.

From now on, you’ll be able to play Trivial Pursuit on your computer, either alone or with friends, answering over 2000 different questions, in the same style as the classic game. This is the GenusDeluxe version, so you’ll find new and exclusive contents, not available in previous editions. This means that your games won’t be boring, since you won’t worry about knowing the answers in advance.

Trivial Pursuit adapted all of its contents to let you enjoy them in Spanish, without incomplete translations or questions with a vocabulary you don’t understand. Gameplay is almost identical to the table top version, and the board and piece design are based on the real models.

In Trivial Pursuit you’ll move over the board, answering one question for each field. The questions are divided into six categories which are distinguished by colors: blue for geography, green for science and nature, brown for arts and literature, yellow for history, pink for entertainment and orange for sports and leisure. For each correct answer you’ll get a small triangular piece to complete your piece of the board. Once you have completed everything, you’ll answer a final question which will make you win or lose.

In this digital version, Trivial Pursuit includes three different game modes. The classic one, identical to the board game for two or four users; the solitaire version in which you simply have to answer a minimum number of questions; and against the clock, in which you’ll have to answer as quickly as possible to win the game.

What are you waiting to download Trivial Pursuit for free? Invite your friends or play on your own, to test your general knowledge and learn interesting trivia facts in all categories.

• Several game modes
• Classic match with up to 4 players
• Over 2000 questions
• Very entertaining

• Nothing to report
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