it is an open world waiting for your contributions

Games like Trove are one of the things that excited us when writing. It is a title that from its development stage promised very much, and it has met the expectations, perhaps exceeded them.

Trove is a game that mixes completely different styles: first, it is a kind of "sandbox" in which you gather resources and create objects of all kinds; on the other hand, it is a typical adventure title where you have to face monsters and creatures for profit; finally, it is also an online role-playing game where you cooperate and compete with other players like you. This combination gives Trove an interesting climate of open world where you always have the feeling that there is a new adventure just around the corner.

To start playing Trove, first you must choose your class. There are different types of characters available, as interesting as different. In Trove you can be a boomerang thrower, a pirate captain, a magician of ice, a ninja and other equally exotic titles. Each of the characters has a primary attack, a secondary one, unique abilities and special powers, which improve as long as you level.

In Trove there are different realms, and within each kingdom come across different types of scenarios. They are interconnected, making it possible to travel from one to another in search of dungeons and special bosses. The harder a level or a boss is, the greater the reward that keeps Trove for you.

Although there are a lot of items in Trove to create and develop, it is certain that one of its most interesting features is the ability to create your own objects. Therefore, Trove is not a limited game: it is an open world waiting for your contributions, and where you can perform the things you've always dreamed of. Enjoy Trove now!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0

Size 29.74 MB

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