Tumblebugs Deluxe


Tumblebugs Deluxe

Tumblebugs Deluxe is an arcade game in the style of the classic Zuma, in which you’ll have to complete a number of puzzles in order to advance.

The storyline is quite simple: you have to rescue cute and colorful insects from an evil empire. To do this, you have to avoid them from falling into a dark and terrifying hole. But the only way to achieve this is to create groups of three insects of the same color, so that they disappear from the line and don’t suffer this horrible fate.

Gameplay doesn’t present complications either, since it is easy to learn, although it can require some work and practice to control it perfectly. You’ll need a good aim and reflexes to launch the poor insects to form groups of three and thereby save them.
In Tumblebugs Deluxe you’ll go through 78 different levels, with difficulty levels that will increase progressively as you advance in the story. Besides, in case this isn’t enough, you’ll be able to enjoy two different game modes: one in which you’ll have to advance through the story and the free mode, in which you can relax.

The game presents a cheerful environment, with colorful and gorgeous graphics, to keep you motivated in your adventure. This application is appropriate for people of all ages: children will love the gorgeous colors and adults, the entertaining game mode.

In summary, Tumblebugs Deluxe is a simple and fun game, ideal for anybody who is looking for a simple way to spend some leisure time, without wasting too much time.

Tumblebugs Deluxe limitations:
• Limited time use
• First levels available
• Purchase or registration reminder
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Type Shareware

Version 2

Size 169 B

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