Manage your tweets on-the-go with the official Twitter app for your Android device


  • Manage your Twitter account and followers on your Android device
  • Receive real-time notifications
  • Use hashtags
  • Location feature for relevant trending
  • Keep up to date on Twitter trends
  • Create lists to manage more specific interests
  • Group chats let you send messages to multiple users quickly


  • Notifications do not update that regularly

Twitter is a free social media app for Android, developed by Twitter Inc., which allows users to post short messages called 'tweets' to communicate ideas, link to other pages, and tag their interests. The app is available completely free from the links provided. 

The World Delivered in Tweets

Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social networking sites that allows users to convey their news, musings, rants and loves in 140 characters or less. Its popularity has long since extended to celebrity culture, where almost everybody who is anybody has a Twitter account in their name. If you are someone who likes keeping in touch with the latest news from all around the world, Twitter is definitely the app to try. For breaking news, popular worldwide events including the World Cup, the Oscars and many more, Twitter churns out content faster than any other social network because of its snappy style.

Getting Started 

For those who are unfamiliar with Twitter, signing up for an account is a simple process. Once you have downloaded and installed the app from the app store, it will ask you to input your various personal details including your name, age, email address and your Twitter handle. Twitter users post short messages to each other known as tweets. Given the scale of the Twitter universe, narrowing down your tweets' focus is a must. For this reason, the app employs Twitter handles (@JoeBloggs) and the all-important hashtag. Once a tweet has been sent off, it will be viewable by those whose handles you have tagged and will be placed in the relevant hashtag bracket. The hashtag has completely revolutionized the way people communicate, allowing for conversations to spring up overnight surrounding the latest news story or celebrity gossip.

Next, you have to start following people. These are people whose Twitter activity will be monitored and placed on your Twitter feed. There are no limits to the amount of people or interests you can follow. It is also a common practice to follow those who have followed you as a courtesy. 

Key Features

The Android app has a highly compact user interface making it perfect to read and send tweets on the go. In the center is your Twitter feed, updating in real time. All text, images and video are optimally sized. Beneath them is their favorites and retweets. Retweets are as they sound - a tweet another user posts on their own Twitter page. 

At the top of the page are your Notifications, Direct messages and a Find People tab. Notifications include retweets, favorites, list additions, messages and important tweets. When you are looking to find more people to follow, you can use the Find People tab. Twitter also allows you the option of creating Lists. Simply tap the Lists feature in the app to see the latest tweets from a specific topic or group. This is a very handy way of filtering through your tweets related to music, technology, sport, etc. To add someone to a List go to their profile, tap the person icon and select add to list.If you wish to join a conversation, or reply to someone’s tweet you can do that by tapping the @ symbol and then choosing from the list that appears underneath the text box. Once you type your response tap the Tweet button and away it goes! 

The Home tab will display all of your users' tweets as they come in, without filtering. If, however, you are looking to get a snapshot of what's happening in the world at any given moment, the Discover tab lets you view a list of trending topics at a glance. These topics become trends when they have been tweeted about excessively in a short space of time. Tweets can be displayed in a feed or by hashtag. Trending topics will also be displayed according to your location and who you are following. 

One of the best features of Twitter is its connectivity with other social networks. Once you see the Twitter bird on another site, you can then tweet a shortened version of the news story with 'bitly' links directly to your Twitter page. The Twitter cards feature lets you display these tweets according to a specific template. The aim of Twitter, as with other social networks, is to connect everyone through their multiple social networking sites. 

What's New with Twitter?

To keep up with other social media apps, Twitter has introduced several new features into its latest update. When writing tweets, in addition to text and photos, users can now share short video clips to supplement content. The video recorder is rather basic, allowing you to record a clip, edit it and then add on to it. Tapping 'Done' will place it in your tweet for posting. The feature was long overdue for the app. 

When writing tweets, in addition to text and photos, users can now share short video clips to supplement content. The video recorder is rather basic, allowing you to record a clip, edit it and then add on to it

Secondly, the app now offers the option of group chats within the 'Direct Message' menu, letting you send messages between several users at once. This is a feature that WhatsApp and Facebook have been using for a long time, but I'm definitely glad to see it. The direct message feature was a little dated, to say the least. 

The Verdict

Twitter as an app and as a concept is hard to fault. The social media world was utterly transformed with the rise of Facebook and Twitter, creating a highly convenient space for sharing a posting news to friends and colleagues. The Android app has simplified this process with a compact interface, simple menus for main feeds, discovering trending content, and of course, tweeting. The addition of video clips to tweets is a most welcome feature, allowing users to be as creative as they like when tweeting. Group chats also ensure that Facebook need not be the only means of planning a large social event. Whatever your interests, Twitter has users tweeting about every conceivable topic. If you've yet to try it, you're definitely missing out. Join the biggest social network in the world and tweet until your heart's content. 

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