Two Worlds


Two Worlds

Two Worlds is an adventure game with elements of role-playing, that will take you to a fantastic medieval universe to fight for the world’s destiny.

The game’s storyline is based on a world in which diverse races live together in a fragile peace, with tensions that are always on the brink of setting off a disaster. The god of war, Aziraal, has been defeated and buried years ago, but his tomb was hidden by the other divinities. Now, a temple has been discovered that may have been dedicated to him. A war starts to brew, while powerful forces are plotting to take the world to its destruction.

During Two Worlds you’ll explore extended and detailed sceneries, as you carry out missions given by innumerable characters to get rewards. Thus, you’ll get a large number of abilities, both for combat and magical. You’ll even be able to choose a career for your character, which will provide you with new possibilities within the game.

This game’s combat system is very dynamic, combining intuitive movements with the use of strategy. Besides, Two Worlds is very attractive visually, offering high-quality graphics and a very detailed design of characters and sceneries.

• High image and audio quality
• Possibility to play online
• Various hours of continuous playing
• Wide range of options

• Gameplay surpassed by other titles in the same genre

Two Worlds limitations:
• Restricted features
• Limited time use
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Type Demo

Version 1.0

Size 865.76 MB

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