TypeDrawing is a formidable app designed for Android devices to unleash your creativity through typography and share it with the world.


  • Intuitive design
  • Tons of fonts and color combinations
  • No design ability required.


  • Works better with S Pen or similar pointing devices

Typography Art is the new fashion and – let’s face it – it’s a cool way to combine the text you want to communicate and shape it as you want or need. Download TypeDrawing free to become an artist on typography.

How does it work?

Once you downloaded TypeDrawing you only need to type the text you need, set the font and color… and there you go! Now you are ready to shape the text the way you want. In case you find quite daunting to start from scratch, you can grab any picture from your mobile device and add your typography art as you wish.

You can zoom, resize the text, modify the space between characters, and add symbols and lots of other things.

If you have a Smartphone or a tablet with a pointing device like the S Pen from Samsung (Note 2, 3, etc), you will enjoy better TypeDrawing since it is way more comfortable to work with a stylus than your fingers. Another advantage point goes to medium-size and big-size screen Smartphones (and tablets, off course) because it will be easier to set the path and orientation of your text thread.

The Verdict

TypeDrawing is still a great app for every Smartphone and –specially– everyone. The learning curve for this software is quite fast: you will master all the features in no time! This app is amusing and it allows you to communicate your ideas in a written way but with any shape you like. Leave your favorite games aside for a while and give TypeDrawing a try.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.1

Size 11.01 MB

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