UC Browser: an Android legend, now on your computer


  • Web browser with a fantastic design and great speeds
  • Able to synchronize between devices
  • Comes with a tool for downloading videos


  • If you don’t use UC Browser on your Android device, it doesn’t make much sense.

UC Browser is one of the most-used Android browsers. Aside from the fact that most of the market has it and the mobile version of Chrome as the default browser, UC Browser has earned its place there due to the wide range of benefits and fast browsing speeds. Now, all of this has been converted into a version for Windows.

First impressions count

As soon as you start UC Browser, you’ll notice it’s visual impact. The interface design isn’t just practical, but also has smooth graphics and an aesthetic quality that really makes the best of Windows’ resources. UC Browser also lets you access a theme gallery with a lot of options. Despite all of these improvements, UC Browser isn’t a particularly large program to run (no larger than any other browser).

It’s worth highlighting that UC Browser is based on Chromium, which is the project that saw the birth of Google Chrome. Despite the fact that the latest versions of Chrome take up a lot more memory than the initial ones, this isn’t reflected in UC Browser. It’s compatible with the same extensions as the Google browser, although it has its own extensions, too.

Everything you need for fast, safe browsing

UC Browser also has an ad blocker that draws on the same databases as AdBlock. This avoids you having to crawl around half of the internet (more to the point, the potentially dangerous parts) as you try to navigate your way out of a chain of ads that were accidentally clicked on. UC Browser protects your data and personal information, although note that this option isn’t turned on by default—you’ll need to do so from the UC Browser menu.

If you use UC Browser on your Android, you’ll be pleased to know that this Windows version can synchronize bookmarks and open tabs. With UC Browser you can move from mobile to desktop computer in seconds as if they were one and the same.

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Size 1.62 MB

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