UltraSurf is a security application that lets users hide their tracks while they browse the Web.

This program takes care of eliminating contents that could indicate the identity of the person who browses, such as cookies, cache, browsing history and others. Deletion is done immediately, so every time you start the Internet browser, this information no longer exists.

UltraSurf also has an additional functionality: it changes the IP address. This action avoids both websites and certain programs from determining the user’s geographical location. The best part is that this software also searches fake IP addresses (proxies) automatically.

In short, UltraSurf is an essential utility if you want to browse anonymously.

• Hides the IP address
• Erases all browsing tracks
• Easy to use

• Some proxies have a low quality
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Type Shareware

Version 18.04

Size 3.44 MB

Other versions

18.04 18.02 17.04 16.02 15.04