Uniblue MaxiDisk


A tool for defragmenting the hard disk and speed up computer's processes

Uniblue MaxiDisk is a program to defragment the hard disk, which will give you great benefits when optimizing your PC’s operation. With this application you’ll maximize your performance at the PC and avoid any sort of problem related to the storage of files that take up space needlessly.

When you download Uniblue MaxiDisk for free you’ll encounter a tool that is fundamental for your computer’s normal operation. This is because it includes several techniques to speed up processes that are normally slowed down by the inclusion of items stored in your computer’s memory, thus getting more free space.

What does MaxiDisk do?

Initially, Uniblue MaxiDisk will help you defragment your files, in order to recover execution and reaction speed in different processes. Then the application will eliminate temporary, useless or damaged files; thus you’ll be able to free up disk space, recovering space that was previously wasted.

On the other hand, Uniblue MaxiDisk will let you compress large files, to make even better use of the different locations on the PC. In addition, it has good configuration options, with which you’ll be able to customize the different procedures that the application carries out.

In summary, if you want to optimize your computer and speed up Windows 7 using a very simple tool, this is your chance. Don’t waste any more time, and download Uniblue MaxiDisk 2013!

• Lets you defragment the hard disk
• Optimizes the PC’s operation
• Eliminates useless files
• Lets you compress large files

• Limited time use
• Restricted features

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Type Shareware

Version 1.0.4

Size 5.2 MB

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