UnityPDF is great software for managing PDF documents easily


  • Manage your PDF files
  • Merge or split PDF documents as you wish
  • Great security settings


  • The Graphic User Interface needs improvements

UnityPDF is software designed to manage your PDF files. This program has a set of tools to edit files, as well as customize the metadata that comes attached.

Some years ago, PDF files did not have the same flexibility they have now. This happened because the format was protected by copyright that Adobe (the developer) had on it. Therefore, it was only possible to create or edit PDF through the utilities that the company released. But for some time, the PDF format was released for public use and this lead to PDF software development. UnityPDF is a complete utility that does much better than Adobe's own tool.

Basically, UnityPDF can take several PDF files and merge them into one. Thus, it is possible to compile all the reports you have in the office; you can add to them receipts from expenses and even attach a note, so that everything is part of the same document. Unlike other tools, with UnityPDF you can even insert a page in the middle of another PDF document.

Another possibility offered by UnityPDF is to extract one or more pages from a document. Just point the location and UnityPDF will move it to a new file, or directly delete it from the original document. This software also provides a tool to rotate pages by 90 or 180 in the direction you need.

UnityPDF tools can set permissions for your documents. This means that with UnityPDF you can allowd (or deny) the user to modify the content, print the document, copy, add annotations and what you see fit, and secure it with a password. This is a simply and impressive utility.

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