A new way to play the everlasting battle of humans vs aliens

Unvanquished is a first-person-shooter (FPS), Doom style, where you have to choose a side and confront your friends online. This project is independent and uses open source software, thereby achieving stunning graphics and unique gameplay of its kind.

Regarding his argument, Unvanquished puts us on the scene of a war between humans and Aliens. You have to choose one of the warring factions: humans have greater potential ballistic while aliens are stealthier and have greater ability in the melee.

Unlike many other games that have large companies to support their development, Unvanquished is a project run by an enthusiastic community of developers. This ensures that Unvanquished not depend on the profitability of the project, but the players themselves. And, apparently, this works very well, because the game has a monthly update of its alpha version, so that the already registered players can test new products before they go into the final version.

Independence always brings some disadvantages, but in the case of Unvanquished they are not. There is a delay ( "lag") in almost any game, but is not common. If you are a player who keeps up with the titles that are coming to market, you will also notice that its graphics are fluid and have good textures, despite using a open source graphics engine.

Unvanquished has become strong where others are weak: community participation, users, etc. But above all, its gameplay becomes stronger and better. Do not hesitate and download Unvanquished.

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Type Freeware

Version 0.40.0

Size 578.19 MB

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