UnzipThemAll is a tool designed to decompress archives easily, without having to worry about format compatibility problems.

An essential program for any user

Most files available for downloading from the Internet are in some type of compressed format. This is because, by reducing their size, less space is used on the server and both uploading and downloading are much faster. Besides, it is much easier to split large files to be able to transport them and even protect them with a password to stop unauthorized people from accessing them.

For this reason, it is essential to have a program such as UnzipThemAll on your PC. This lightweight application will let you handle any file in RAR, ZIP or ACE formats. Besides, it will let you access their contents without having to decompress them; this will let you quickly check them instead of waiting for the extraction process to finish.

Simplicity and convenience to manage your files

UnzipThemAll stands out through a simple and clear interface, in which even the most inexperienced user will be able to find the functions he needs. All the tools can be accessed in just a small window.

From this main window, similar to Windows Explorer, it is possible to browse through all the files on your computer to choose the ones you need to work with. The application supports batch processing, letting you decompress all the archives you need at once.

Besides, UnzipThemAll lets you choose up to 20 favorite folders, to speed up the extraction process even more. Additionally, it lets you change the files properties and save a record of the carried out actions.

The best performance to decompress archives

One of the great benefits of UnzipThemAll is its small size and reduced resource usage. This is because it isn’t overloaded with unnecessary features, just with the basic tools to carry out its task.

This application can work in the background, reducing its impact on the computer’s performance and general speed to a minimum. Besides, it gets minimized directly to the system tray, so it is always just a click away.

In summary, UnzipThemAll is an excellent alternative to programs such as Winzip or Winrar, if you don’t want to mess around with excessive features or advanced tools.

• Integrates with Windows Explorer
• Simple interface
• Doesn’t use a lot of resources
• High decompression speed

• Includes no advanced features
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