The quickest way to download torrent files


  • Easy to use
  • Fast downloads
  • Player compatibility
  • Bandwidth usage management


  • Advanced configuration options require some prior knowledge

µTorrent lets you download all kinds of files via BitTorrent client, which lets you download large files, and connect with computers and servers to store files. Downloads are quick, depending on your Internet connection of course, and the program takes up very little disk space.
Quick and easy to use
µTorrent is very easy to use: the program works with files in .torrent format, which you can download via web pages or "magnet links". uTorrent detects these magnetic links by you  clicking on them: the program then opens them directly. You can also use RSS feeds to keep abreast of any page to add new links from.
The program includes a search engine powered by various search providers, so you can search for any file directly from the interface.
Once a file has downloaded, you can play it using the uTorrent default audio and video player, or choose any other player you have installed on your Mac.
Highly customizable
uTorrent has a large number of configuration options, including the ability to manage the bandwidth used by the program (to prevent your Internet connection from slowing down); choose the number of active files downloading in the queue; choose the folders to store downloaded files; decide whether to suspend or shutdown your Mac once files have finished downloading, among other options.
uTorrent can even be used remotely; you can set it up to choose the computer or device that you want to connect from, and manage all your downloads, wherever you are.

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Type Free (GPL)

Version 1.8.7 build 43796

Size 4.01 MB

Other versions

1.8.7 build 43796 1.8.3 1.8.7 build 43376 1.8.7 build 43001 1.8.7 build 42731