uTorrent Portable


You can now run your favourite torrent download client with UTorrent from your portable device

A favourite of many people who download torrents on the Internet, UTorrent is now portable. You can now bring the program with you by way of plug-in device, where no installation of it is necessary for it to run.

Users can download multiple torrents all at once with the reliable and super-fast software. The invaluable aspect of UTorrent Portable aside from the fact that you can take it wherever you go, is that it only uses a fraction of your central-processing unit or the brain of your computer. This means that while it runs it doesn’t hugely interfere with other programs, because it doesn’t require that much brainpower. Another great thing about UTorrent is that it gives users massive amounts of details about the torrents they are downloading, such as the file-size, the percentage of torrent downloaded and its priority.

The interface of UTorrent Portable is much the same as the desktop version. It has drawn many users to using it as of its innovative User-Interface. With a dynamic lay-out that separates different things like listing active torrents that are downloading, it is extremely productive.

All-in-all UTorrent Portable is as good as the installation package for your computer. I would recommend using it to anyone who downloads torrents from the Internet.


• Simply structured UI, easy-to-use
• No installation required
• Light on resources such as CPU


• No file association, i.e. right-clicking on a file does not give you the option to open it, with the Portable version, you have to do so manually
uTorrent Portable icon

Type Freeware


Size 1.65 MB

Other versions 3.3 2.0