Make free HD video calls and contact your friends in an instant


  • Excellent HD image quality when making video calls.
  • Total synchronization between smartphone and PC.
  • Call service to any network operator at competitive prices.
  • Intuitive interface suitable for any user.
  • Download is completely free.


  • You need Viber downloaded on your mobile.

Viber for PC is the new version of the popular free messaging and call service, which can now run on your PC. The company Viber Media made waves around the world with its app, and now it’s available for Windows, completely free, and ready to help you get in contact with whoever you feel like getting in touch with.

The best of both worlds

Viber was very popular with its mobile users, and the fact that the developers had made the leap to PC is clearly a strategic decision for the company. Rest assured that the high quality of the calls remains on the PC; something that contributed to the fact that today Viber is one of the most used apps in the world.

The interface is pretty accessible, even if you’ve never used Viber before on your phone. To make everything that much easier, you can synchronize your Viber account with your smartphone with one click, and only adding contacts to the PC version but also all the stickers and emoticons you may have downloaded to your phone. There’s also the option to add to your contact list all Facebook friends that have the app installed.

Talk to your friends in a number of ways

With Viber for PC, not only can you make calls and video calls, but you can also use the onscreen chat function. Another addition to the program is the ability to call friends even if they don’t have the program installed on their phones or PCs. The service in question is called Viber Out, which offers competitive tariffs compared to traditional mobile network operators and is extremely simple to use.

Viber for PC has become an alternative that really challenges the dominance of other messaging services such as Skype, WhatsApp, and Telegram. With the high quality offered, the battle truly has begun. Communicate for free, in high definition, via your Viber account or using very competitive prices, with the comfort of using your webcam and/or your keyboard. Download it today and speed up your communications without needing to rely on your mobile.

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