Viber: Free Calls & Messages


Call and message people freely with the app that's singlehandedly reinventing how we communicate


  • Make calls and texts to other Viber users for free
  • Easy to use, four-button UI
  • Manage texts and calls in one integrated menu
  • Stickers make messaging a fun and creative process
  • Import contact lists from Facebook
  • Keep in touch with popular culture and other topics with the Public Chats feature
  • Viber Out feature lets you call any mobile or landline number, Viber or not, at reduced rates


  • Text alerts can often interrupt ongoing processes and apps

Viber is a free-to-use Android app, developed by Viber Media, which allows a user to make free calls and texts to other users of the Viber app. All that's required is a phone number and a device.

What Makes Viber Special?

While phones are becoming more advanced, the basic functions of calling and texting are just as important as ever. Viber recognizes this, and allows you to manage such content easily and efficiently by streamlining the process of calling and texting. Viber's aim is to connect people through the app, without unnecessary obstacles, menus, and app after app which all facilitate the same basic role: communication. Anyone who has Viber can effectively manage how they communicate by being able to send messages and make calls to one another quickly, easily, and, most importantly, for free. 

Setting Up Viber

To set up Viber, you need only two things: a device and a phone number. This means that you cannot set up Viber on your tablet, but for most this is not that relevant. The only downside is that all of your Viber information is tied to your phone number, meaning if you change your phone number/ device at any point, your data must be transferred over.

Once you enter your phone number, Viber will ask you for an activation code. Not to worry, though, since it will fetch and activate this code for you. After that, you enter your name, add a photo, and you're done.

Features and UI

Viber's UI is extremely simple to easy. When you open the app, four menus will be displayed in a trademark purple color: messages, contacts, calls and Public Chats. Messages and calls let you communicate with other Viber users for free using the app. Calls are made using your phone's internet connection. All of your phone's contacts will be displayed in the contacts section, however only those with the Viber symbol have the app. Importing Facebook contacts is also an option, further expanding your Viber network, particularly useful for users who are more active on social networks.

One other notable feature is that in addition to letting you communicate with fellow Viber users, it also lets you call any mobile and landline number using "Viber Out". Similar to Skype, this requires the purchase of credit, with vastly reduced rates.

If a text or SMS message is incoming, Viber will notify you immediately with a Viber message in the form of a pop-up window. This allows you to send off a reply quickly without opening your default messaging app.

Viber simplifies messaging, too. If a text or SMS message is incoming, Viber will notify you immediately with a Viber message in the form of a pop-up window. This allows you to send off a reply quickly without opening your default messaging app.

Feel the Viber-ations

As if a free messaging and calling service weren't enough, the social media side of the app comes with the right-most menu, Public Chats. This feature lets you connect with a specific user community or individual, whether a celebrity, an organization, a company, and track their activities with the "Follow this Public Chat" button. Whether you're a fan of sports, celebrity culture, or the disparate music scene, Public Chats are bound to satisfy. The custom chat backgrounds, fonts, and stickers you can use are also a great feature. 

Stickers in particular are a great addition. With thousands to choose from from so many different categories, messaging users becomes a highly spontaneous, creative, and often humorous experience. 

Overall, Viber is a fantastic way to communicate with friends, family, celebrities, and much more. All you need to get started is your device and a phone number. From there, Viber takes the work out of communicating with features like instant integration of contact lists, connection with Viber users, a compact, four-button UI for easy navigation, a clever alert system for calls and messages, Public Chats to stay connected with others, as well as the Viber Out feature, which lets you make calls and texts to any number, Viber or no. Download Viber now, and help re-invent the way smartphone users communicate. 

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