Virtua Cop 2


Defend your city from criminal invaders in Virtua Cop 2


  • Challenging combat game
  • Training mode
  • Attractive graphics


  • Only 3 levels.

Take control of your own cop squad and annihilate criminals with the fun PC arcade shooter game Virtua Cop 2.

If you’ve ever dreamed of joining the police force and punishing criminal forces delights you then your need to get your hands on Virtua Cop 2!

The game features three challenging levels, your mission is to shoot all the thugs that you meet along the way before time runs out. At the end of each level you must defeat criminal bosses, King, Boss and Kong. These are tough battles that require you to use your wits and forces wisely. Once you have defeated the three levels you must combat and defeat a final boss to complete the game.

Enthusiastic shooters need to be careful when running through the streets of Virtua Cop 2 not all individuals are criminals! The game is littered with innocent citizens that are in fear of the thugs so make sure that you don’t shoot innocent victims mistakenly! Thugs are recognisable by their masks so it is easy differentiate!

If you want to hone your fighting skills before taking to the streets of Virtua Cop 2 then you can do so in the games training mode. Select the “Proving Ground” option and you can practice combat in life threatening situations, this is an excellent way to improve your speed and being fast is essential in Virtua Cop 2!

If you are a lover of old school arcade shooter games then Virtua Cop 2 will provide you with hours of enjoyment! This is a challenging competent cop game well worth a download

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Type Freeware

Version 2

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