Virtual CloneDrive


Virtual CloneDrive, the tool dedicated to playing virtual images


  • Wide format support.
  • Easy to use compared to programs of a similar nature.
  • Intuitive interface.


  • Help mode feels incomplete.

Virtual CloneDrive is an application that simulates a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive on your computer. It’s ideal for testing out the performance of your future disks before you burn them, although it’s also able to run any virtual disk image for as long as needed.

Virtual images with Virtual CloneDrive

Virtual disk images are extremely useful; they let you play exactly the same content as the content that’s on a hard drive, but without the disk.  Virtual CloneDrive is a program that allows you to simulate the unit in which you’re going to put the virtual disk (you could say that it’s like a virtual CD/DVD/Blu-Ray tray).

The problem is that much of the time these images are in various formats, as they’ve been created by different programs. For this reason, Virtual CloneDrive supports the most common formats, such as BIN, ISO, and CCD, amongst others. On top of that, it can run up to eight virtual units at the same time, which makes it a pretty practical program as you won’t need to switch between disk images (as you need to do with physical CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disks).

The perfect accompaniment to your virtual units

With this program you can add virtual images created in programs such as Clone CD or Nero Burning Rom, without needing to copy them to a disk and install them in your computer’s reader. You can also find out if they have copy protection, and you’ll be recommended a program you can use to remove it if you so wish.

Virtual CloneDrive is a massively useful addition to your PC, because with it you’ll have a program that’s dedicated exclusively to emulating virtual units. The program’s a lot smaller than other platforms; it has less features and therefore consumes less resources.

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