Use any operative system on your Mac thanks to VirtualBox


  • Create virtual drives on your Mac.
  • Compatibility with Windows, Linux and other OS.
  • A huge number of tools and complements.


  • Due each operative system has its own permissions and licenses system, it can be some random inconvenients with some functions.

The title is a little bit cheater, but it is true: VirtualBox is a tool that allows you to run multiple operative systems on your Mac because it lets you to create virtual drives. These ‘virtual drives’ behave as if they were other computers inside your Mac, with all their particular features. In VirtualBox, this is known as ‘host system’ and ‘guests systems’.

This happens because VirtualBox is able to reproduce artificially the conditions to make believe a certain software that is inside of a real physical medium. For example: if you would like to install a copy of Windows 8.1, VirtualBox is going to ‘make’ virtually a computer compatible with that operative system.

Is it worth clarifying that to be able to use VirtualBox, in addition of this software, you will need an installation disk of another operative system. To create a drive with Ubuntu you will need an Ubuntu disk; for a drive with Windows Server 2008 you will need a disk with Windows Server 2008 and so. In that way, you will have to pay attention to the licenses of each operative system because may be you will need some user data to use them.
Moreover, VirtualBox is going to request space on the hard drive, which is going to be used only by the guest system.

VirtualBox is one of the most powerful and cheapest options that exist to use software that needs another operative system, or to create safety test environment. In addition, it counts with a huge quantity of options and complements that make easier your interaction and the cooperation between the host system and the guests. VirtualBox is the best option in virtualization, so don’t hesitate to download it.

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Type Freeware

Version 5.2.18

Size 91.22 MB

Other versions

5.2.18 5.2.16 5.2.14 5.2.12 5.2.10