Run various operating systems at the same time on your computer


  • Powerful virtualizer in which drivers have been taken into account.
  • Free.


  • Difficult to configure if you’re not a professional.

Have you ever wanted to use an operating system that’s not Windows, but have been too afraid to take the leap? Well here’s the perfect compromise—a virtualization suite developed by Oracle that goes by the name of VirtualBox.

Through VirtualBox you can run an operating system within Windows such as Linux, OS/2, OpenBSD, MSDOS, and many more. You can also browse the web with them, operating at pretty much 100% of its capacity, as well as applying RDP protocol to manage virtual machines remotely allowing you to have full control of the hardware that falls under your responsibility. And if that all wasn’t enough, Oracle is also capable of 3D acceleration, displaying the systems on full screen, and dealing with up to 8 ethernet ports.

It’s a great opportunity to discover new platforms and take a look at Linux; the operating system that powers the internet and the world. And, if you wanted to, you can install any available distribution without breaking a sweat.

VirtualBox icon

Type Free (GPL)

Version 5.2.18

Size 108.7 MB

Other versions

5.2.18 5.2.16 5.2.14 5.2.12