Viscera CleanUp Detail


Clean up, mop, saw, burn, incinerate and more in this hilarious clean-up simulator for PC


  • First person view makes for an immersive gaming experience
  • Mishaps, accidents and general randomness makes for a fun clean-up
  • Simple controls for moving and interacting with objects
  • Unreal Development Kit provides excellent graphics and environments


  • Story is not well explained
  • Objects are distanced from the body when picked up, which takes from the realism of the game
  • Gameplay can get tedious after a while

Viscera CleanUp Detail is 3D, free-to-play, first person sandbox game for PC, developed using the Unreal Development Kit, which tasks users with cleaning up the bloody aftermath of a space station that managed to fend off an alien invasion. The game is currently free to download in its alpha version only. 

Getting Started

Viscera CleanUp Detail is described as a 'Space-Station Janitor Simulator', and that is precisely what it is. When you begin the game, a mission statement describes your janitorial status ('junior executive') and mission brief. You have been deemed unworthy of the "expenditure of valued articles", in this case a hazmat suit, and as such you are encouraged to work fast. You have been tasked with cleanup duty and must dedicate yourself to the task in all respects. This involves exploring the station thoroughly and looking for anything out of place. For the squeamish, I recommend avoiding this game, because most of what you'll find is rather gruesome. The story places your character here after an alien invasion the human race managed to fend off, but with dire consequences. As such, when exploring rooms, you will encounter countless bodies and body parts, blood on the floors and walls, entrails, charred flesh, and many more disgusting sights not worth noting here. 

Gameplay and Features

The game's 3D environment has some excellent graphics to go with it. In-game characters, objects, textures, surfaces, etc. all seem highly defined. The Unreal Development Kit was used to its best ability here. 

The game's 3D environment has some excellent graphics to go with it. In-game characters, objects, textures, surfaces, etc. all seem highly defined

Gameplay is easy to grasp. The game is in full 3D, first person view. The medical facility you are placed in comprises of several rooms, all of which are covered in potential contaminants. The player is armed with a pair of gloves and an assortment of weapons including regular items such as mops and dispensed items like pizza cutters which they will use to clean it all up. The comical aspect of the game is apparent from the outset. Basic controls allow you to move around, pick up and drop various kinds of items like buckets and biohazard containers. To dispose of material like entrails or body parts, place them in the nearby incinerator. When an item is picked up, it will hover in place ahead of the character and is often awkward to control. Turning a corner will sometimes cause you to drop the item, spilling your precious water bucket in the process. Emptying a bucket filled with body parts or blood can also erase minutes of work. 

As you progress, you will unlock other areas of the space station for you to clean. Other than that, however, the game is rather dull, offering little in the way of a challenge. The humorous moments come from attacking your fellow cleanup crew members, dropping countless buckets filled with contaminants, or just general tomfoolery. 

The Verdict

Viscera CleanUp Detail is a fun, first person 3D game made using the Unreal Development Kit. The story is fairly gruesome, and poorly explained, but the premise is a simple one. Its graphics are extremely well rendered, including environments, surfaces, objects (body parts, blood, entrails), fire and water effects, and many more. The first person aspect of the game makes it quite immersive as you lift and carry objects to their new destination. However, the general repetitive nature of gameplay makes it quite boring if played alone. For best results, grab some of your friends and enjoy some quality cleanup carnage. The game is still in development, so there's more to look forward to. The game is currently free to download in its alpha version. 


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