Develop software tools and create intelligent objects easily

Visual Studio Team System is a platform that integrates several software development tools. It works by creating your own objects in invariable sequences, which are then transformed into intelligent objects.

Once the first part is finished, the objects created will automatically generate a serious occupation flow, creating new elements which will be sent to each individual involved. Thus, Visual Studio Team System controls all the projects’ activities, unifying current and historical information in a single source.

Thanks to its excellent knowledge and command database, you’ll be able to follow-up your software’s status step by step. In summary, Visual Studio Team System will integrate intelligence to the project workflow, from the design to the coding, to make the process simpler.

Visual Studio Team System has an intuitive interface, since its usability is oriented towards technicians and programmers. In any case, if you are a novice user, you simply have to read a few tutorials or access the help module, where an assistant will guide you through the program’s functions.

Download Visual Studio Team System and discover the interaction between the different applications involved in creating software, to coordinate each sector’s tasks and optimize their performance.

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Type Freeware

Version Pro Edition 2008

Size 2 GB

Other versions

Pro Edition 2008 Pro Edition 2008 pro Edition 2008