A sublime app that makes sure you never miss the videos you're most likely to love

There are so many videos out there. Often you might miss those that will make you laugh the most as they are overshadowed by what the world seems to find funny instead. Vodio searches through the Internet to find all of the videos it knows you will love for viewing in one great app.

Storing them in a beautiful application, and sorting them into various genres such as music and entertainment, you’re fed videos that it knows you will like. It tracks videos shared by many people online and what it shows you is based on what you have liked before.

The application even bulks viral videos into the one category so that you can immediately see what the world is talking about no matter where you are and in what time-zone. You can even share your favourite videos with friends on social-networks like Twitter and Facebook.

For an ultimately personalized video-sharing experience download Vodio.


• Highly personalized and customizable
• Great graphical user interface


• Nothing exceptionally different to the likes of other video-communities a part from it offering you what it thinks you will like
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Type Freeware

Version 1.2.5

Size 5.79 MB

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