Play a realistic war game online with WarRock for PC

WarRock is a first-person action game, created exclusively to be played via an Internet connection.

Imagine an online version of the popular game Battlefield, and you’re pretty close to describing this game. When it starts, you’ll have to choose what kind of character you’ll play. You can choose from physician, engineer, explorer (sniper), assault unit or heavy weapons unit. After choosing the character, it’s time to start on some missions. As you complete them, you’ll get involved in scenes that are more and more complex, and enemies that are more and more skillful. Fortunately, your skills as an elite soldier will also increase over time.

In WarRock, you’ll also get an avatar that is an expert in absolutely all existing war vehicles. Thus, while you fight against hostile units, you’ll be able to use machine guns in the outposts. You’ll also have the option of getting on and driving boats, C-130 planes and Blackhawk helicopters that carry troops. It is clear that transport and support aren’t the only uses you can give these properties. You’ll also be able to directly combat against enemy troops, getting the cannon of a powerful M1 Abrams, or becoming a lethal aerial threat on an F-15 Strike Eagle.

One tidbit about this game is that everything in it is based on the real thing. That means that when you fly an A-10 and bomb targets on earth or attack tanks that are in formation, everything you see in the plane will be a replica of an actual A-10. The same happens with other vehicles, weapons, uniforms and items. Regarding the audio, the sounds of weapons and engines are the same as the real ones.

WarRock players also have the option of buying different uniforms on the Web or trading them with other players. The same happens with weapons and equipment. Paying for playing is optional. That means the title is free, but if you want to become a pro and have better weapons and equipment, you’ll have to spend some money. It should also be noted that there are frequent updates, which quite often include new vehicles, sceneries and battles. All users can compete in a community of ferocious participants that get together in important tournaments, which have sponsors and considerable prizes.

Download WarRock free for PC and have a realistic war game experience!

• 5 character classes to choose from
• Tons of missions to complete
• Very realistic
• All vehicles are replicated
• Pay-to-play option

• Not the best quality graphics
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Type Freeware

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Size 9.56 MB

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