Waterfox is a version of one of the world’s most downloaded browsers. The creation of this application responds to user demands for having a browser that is both reliable and fast. Up until now, this combination seemed to be unachievable. However, the Mozilla team has decided to create this product with a structure similar to Firefox, but with many more functions.

Firefox’s 64-bit brother

Mozilla Waterfox is based on the red panda program, with the difference that it´s a 64-bit version. Therefore, although you’ll notice many similarities, the contrasts will be quite specific.

One of its most outstanding features has to do with compatibility. The Java, Silverlight and Flash platforms are definitely the ones most used to give shape to the Web. Fortunately, the utility we offer you here supports all three, even in their 64-bit version, so you’ll have no problem browsing.

A feature worth pointing out is that Waterfox lets you include, in its interface, all the complements and add-ons of the Web browser developed by Mozilla. Another detail to keep in mind is that if this software is used, the computer’s RAM memory usage will be drastically reduced, and its efficiency will be maintained.

Finally, it should be noted that both Waterfox and Firefox can co-exist peacefully without any conflict on the computer. Thus, there is no reason for you not to experience a program that will improve your entire Web browsing experience. Download and try it out now!

• Doesn’t use a lot of resources
• Compatible with the Firefox add-ons
• Supports 64-bit platforms
• Doesn’t cause conflicts with other browsers

• Uninstalling it causes problem in the Firefox operation
Waterfox icon

Type Free (GPL)


Size 70.46 MB

Other versions 40.1.0 18.0.1 15.0