Capture and edit your screen in order to share tutorials with other users

Webinaria is a free and open-source application to record video from your PC’s screen. With this tool you’ll be able to show how any program works, by creating tutorials with the built-in editor.

With Webinaria you’ll be able to record videos of any size, capturing all the movement and activity on your screen, in a specific area or simply in the open window. In addition, you’ll be able to simultaneously use your microphone or webcam, letting you add comments to your clips in a very simple way. Besides, the application supports the AVI and FLV format and quickly converts clips between them.

Apart from recording your PC’s screen, Webinaria includes a video editor. You’ll be able to add sound, background music, text, subtitles and special effects. You’ll also work frame by frame on a timeline, so you can be sure that the final result will be as precise as you want. For all of these reasons, this program is ideal to create demos of your projects or applications, build up clear tutorials for any type of user and even carry out technical support.

Finally, it´s worth noting that when you download Webinaria you’ll be part of its active user community. You’ll be able to upload your videos to its official site for free, and grade or comment other people’s work. You’ll also be able to share your clips and find tutorials, guides or demos of anything you search.

Webinaria is an easy-to-use program, with the basic tools you need to capture video and audio directly from your Desktop. It´s an application that puts a lot of emphasis on its community and that presents you with several options to share your work. Download Webinaria for free!

• Captures audio and video
• Built-in video editor
• Lets you publish for free on its official website
• Converts between FLV and AVI

• Nothing to report

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Type Free (GPL)

Version 2.1

Size 2.46 MB

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