WhatsApp for Windows


WhatsApp for Windows: the desktop version of the popular app


  • Use WhatsApp on your computer and laptop.
  • Doesn’t require a browser.
  • The same functions as on your mobile.


  • Your mobile must be connected to the internet.

Mobiles are things that have forever changed the landscape of technology. Not only can you talk wirelessly—you also carry around a small computer in your pocket, a computer that lets you consult anything you can imagine and access any type of entertainment that takes your fancy, no matter where you are. Having said all that, many of us continue to use desktop computers because we carry out tasks that need an extra bit of power.

In the mobile world, WhatsApp was involved in an additional change: it was one of the first messaging apps that didn’t charge for the sending and receiving of messages, no matter how much data is involved. WhatsApp for Windows is the much-anticipated version for desktop, with which you can follow your conversations with friends and groups as always, without needing to turn away from your mouse and keyboard to grab your mobile and chat.

Slicker than WhatsApp Web

If you’re already a user of WhatsApp Web, you’ll know that Whatsapp for Windows is pretty much identical. The main advantage the latter has over the former is that you don’t need to open your browser for the program to run, as it acts as a separate program.

WhatsApp for Windows helps us, then, save a large amount of RAM which is important especially considering the amount of resources taken up by the latest versions of established browsers.

More security

WhatsApp for Windows also raises its game when it comes to security, because you can use WhatsApp within its own environment without the security risks that tend to come with browsers.

To use WhatsApp for Windows, you’ll need to do the same as WhatsApp Web: open the program, and scan the QR code that appears on the screen with your mobile. WhatsApp for Windows requires that you keep your mobile connected, as this counts as your ‘identification’ (there’s no username or password, so to speak). In short, WhatsApp for Windows is a great way to stay in contact when you’re on your desktop computer or laptop.

WhatsApp for Windows icon

Type Freeware

Version 0.3.225 (64-bit)

Size 131.98 MB

Other versions

0.3.225 (64-bit) 0.3.225 (32-bit) 0.3.33 (64-bit) 0.3.33 (32-bit) 0.2.9998 (64-bit)