Whatsapp Plus


Take control of your WhatsApp experience!


  • Various colors for chat bubbles, headers, conversation, status icons
  • Option to remove update messages
  • Change shape and transparency of chat bubbles
  • Change layout of images and icons for a smoother performance
  • Conversation MODS are back


  • Does not easily auto-update

Do you love WhatsApp, but wish you could customize it a bit more? No worries! WhatsApp PLUS, a new version of the popular communication mobile app, allows you to do exactly that: make it your way.

Now, with WhatsApp PLUS, you can change the color of your chat bubbles, headers, conversations, and even status icons. Try changing the transparency of your chat bubbles as well. Tweak it until you get to a level that feels, well, you. You can even change the shape of your chat bubbles from round to square, if that´s what you´re into.

The new “PLUS theme” allows you to rearrange the layout of images and icons to make WhatsApp work more smoothly. If it really annoys you, you can also choose to get rid of the update message as well. Also, WhatsApp PLUS hails the return of the “online”, “typing”, and “last seen…” MODS. Quick, download WhatsApp PLUS free for Android and start using it the way you´ve always wanted to!

Whatsapp Plus icon

Type Freeware

Version 6.35

Size 15.43 MB

Other versions

6.35 5.95D 5.80