Share your WiFi with all your wireless devices


  • Light and simple to use
  • Create and share WiFi from your computer
  • Reliable access to Internet for wireless devices


  • Lack of some advanced settings

WiFi2Hotspot is a must-have tool for your computer. Why? Because it allows you to create a WiFi hotspot (a.k.a. "access point"). WiFi2Hotspot turns your computer into an Internet source for connecting other devices, such as phones, portable players and game consoles, and even other computers within seconds.

WiFi2Hotspot set up is simple. Basically, you have to share the necessary information so that others may find your connection. Then you should choose a name for the new connection and set a password for it. Then you have to go to the second tab WiFi2Hotspot and click the large button "Start" and that’s ready to go. Now, it's just a matter of finding your connection by the name you set, and navigate with the same fluidity that your own computer, the one you use to create the hotspot.

To provide access, you need WiFi

Undoubtedly, the service that provides WiFi2Hotspot is extremely interesting. However, we must point that not all computers are able to create a WiFi hotspot, and that is due to strictly technical issues. Well, how do you know if you can create a hotspot? It's simple: If your computer can access the Internet via WiFi, then you are able to create a hotspot with WiFi2Hotspot.

If you use a notebook (laptop, notebook or netbook) with Windows, then surely you're able to create hotspots with WiFi2Hotspot because there is little chance you may find a notebook without WiFi access. You can also offer WiFi to your neighbors if they have a WiFi plate on their houses. In the latter case, you can even use a conventional cable connection as "source" to connect to the Internet while you configure the WiFi plate by WiFi2Hotspot to offer WiFi connections to other devices.

In short, WiFi2Hotspot is a very simple tool to troubleshoot connection in a simple way.

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