Use the most advanced operating system on the market with Windows 8


  • New PC settings menu
  • Keyboard gesture and auto predict
  • Files automatically saved to SkyDrive
  • New Windows Store layout
  • New Hero Search feature
  • Multi-window mode
  • New Lock screen
  • Overall performance and display improvements


  • Nothing worth mentioning

Windows 8 is the long-awaited Microsoft operating system that has revolutionized everything seen in graphic interfaces so far.

After trying out the new version of the world’s most popular operating system, you’ll appreciate a number of features that will divide opinions. On one hand, the Windows 8 aesthetic is completely new, totally redesigned, based on the Windows Phone experience. You’ll no longer see the typical windows that were there since Windows 95; now the interface, called METRO, displays a panel with flexible color boxes that represent each application. For example, it is possible to find shortcuts to Internet Explorer, Images, Music, etc.

The Start menu disappears

Perhaps the most innovative feature in Windows 8 is that it eliminates the famous Start button and relocates its functions in new locations, in side or upper panels that appear when hovering the mouse over them. The absence of this menu may make it difficult to find programs at first; for this purpose, use the METRO search bar.

A highlight in this test edition is that it includes Internet Explorer 10, which maximizes the browsing space but has a severe omission: it doesn’t support Flash, something that it surely will in its final version. Also, you can enjoy the new HTML5 in all of its splendor.

Prominence of Windows Live

On the other hand, Windows 8 integrates all the Live functionalities. For this, you’ll need a Microsoft account (it can be the same one you use in Messenger). You’ll also be able to try out the complete app store for free.

New Features in Windows 8.1 Preview

Including basic layout changes, there are many new features and improvements to look forward to with this latest version. Some of the more interesting ones include:

• A new PC settings menu that basically consolidates everything into one menu that is easy to navigate
• Taking a cue from Google, there will be a new keyboard gestures feature that lets users swipe instead of type, as well as Auto Predict
• All files will be saved automatically to SkyDrive, so access to them is easy when offline and everything will sync up easily with your device
• The Windows Store will now mimic that of Google Play for a more organized user experience
• Multi-window mode for crazy multi-taskers who must have many windows open at once
• A new search function called Hero Search that combines Internet search results with information already stored on your computer
• Xbox Radio Music app lets users create their own radio stations based on their music collection
• The lock screen can be set to display a slideshow of photos or even take photos using the built-in camera

Download Windows 8.1 free for PC and experience the difference!



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