Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle


Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle

Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle is an innovative customization tool that will help you make the change from Windows 7 to 8 less drastic. With this utility you’ll be able to include the typical startup menu from previous versions in the latest version of the Microsoft operating system.

The latest innovation in international software is the recent launch of a new operating system from Microsoft: Windows 8 Consumer Preview. This edition doesn’t have all of software’s functionality, since it is a preview. However, it is enough to try out the program’s main aspects, including its interface.

The Windows 8 visual look is different from anything you have seen so far. Its creators have called it “Metro”, and it consists of a non-linear layout of multiple blocks, from which you access the most used applications and mechanisms. The innovation consists in that, apart from these tiles, you’ll find nothing else. The Windows 7 startup menu has disappeared, and you have to learn to handle this new structure.

As always, there is a solution. Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle installs a small utility on your computer to let you switch between the Metro and the Classic format as often as you want. This won’t reduce the operating system’s performance, but only superficially change the Desktop look. You’ll simply have to click a button, and the program does its job immediately.

In summary, if you are interested in changing the look of Windows 8 but still want to use its technological benefits, this application is perfect for your needs.

• Useful tool to modify the Windows Desktop
• Very easy to use
• Doesn’t affect the operating system’s performance

• Somewhat unstable
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Type Freeware

Version 1.0

Size 15.22 kB

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