Windows Live Messenger


Chat and video call your friends online with Windows Live Messenger


  • Wide range of options
  • Easy to share files
  • Can merge accounts with Skype
  • Compatible with social networks


  • Uses a lot of system resources

Windows Live Messenger is an instant messaging program for your PC. It enables users to have text conversations with their contacts, as well as share files and make video calls.

This program, formerly known as MSN, is used mainly to chat with contacts. For this, the user can create an account using any email address they have, from any domain. Once the account is registered, you can manually add the contacts that you want or let Windows Live Messenger do it by scanning the address book in the email account. During the chat, participants in a conversation can send any file, regardless of their format or size. They can also include, to their interactions, fun smileys, small animations and sounds.

You can also merge you Windows Live Messenger account with your Skype account to create one Microsoft account for both. This amalgamates contacts from both programs and also allows users to communicate with Messenger contacts via Skype.

Windows Live Messenger lets you access your inbox through a button visibly located in its interface. The program also shows the number of unread emails. To top it off, an outstanding aspect in Windows Live Messenger is its built-in news service, which shows the latest events from all over the world. Besides, it provides the user with games, videos and many other things they can share with their contacts. Windows Live Messenger also shows status updates and changes to profile photographs of contacts over time. This information can be expanded if the user wants to synchronize their MSN account with Facebook or Twitter. To add another way to communicate with this program, its developers have included a feature to make video calls. With this option the user can send and receive video and sound in real time, sharing them with all the people who use the same chat system. In case you want to carry out a communication that doesn’t need much bandwidth or if you don’t have a webcam for the transmission, you can decide to make a voice call with a contact.

In summary, Windows Live Messenger is a very complete program, and one of the most used ones worldwide. It is simple and easy to understand, since its interface is ample and well-defined; therefore, all you have to do is download the installer to start enjoying the program.

Windows Live Messenger icon

Type Freeware

Version 2012

Size 131.36 MB

Other versions

2012 2012 2011 15.4.3002.810 Beta 14.0.8092.0805 2009 14.0.8089.726