Windows Media Player 2015


Enjoy music and videos like never before with this uniquely connected media player from Windows


  • Classic visualizations on screen during playback
  • Simple user interface and easy to use
  • New video editor lets you crop and edit video and audio files
  • Extract and convert external files for playback on WMP
  • Supports a large number of file formats
  • Internet radio
  • Highly customizable skins, visualizations and plug-ins
  • Import external media libraries
  • Sound enhancement settings


  • Heavy on processing during playback

Windows Media Player 2015 is the latest version of Microsoft's popular all-purpose multimedia player for PC. It is available for Windows operating systems. The program is available here in its full version, completely free.

Reimagining the Media Player

It was apparent several years ago that Microsoft had fallen behind in its approach to media playback. While for years it was an industry leader, it was failing to keep up in many respects. In recent years, though, drastic shifts have been occurring. Microsoft has been responding to the needs of music consumers, specifically their want of versatility, compactness, adaptability and most importantly compatibility in their media player. Windows Media Player 2015 is the answer to this, bringing many features designed to bring this well-known media player back to life. 

For those who were fans in the past, the new media player does not disappoint. Once you have gone through the installation process, you will be presented with the player's familiarly compact user interface designed with the aim of simplifying how you consume and organize your media. Once you have imported some media, it will be added to your library. The program can also quickly find compatible media located on your hard drive. 

Key Features

WMP's features will be familiar to most. At the top is your library, displaying your collection when you open the program. On the left is your main organizational tool, letting you quickly sort your music by playlist, artist, album or genre. You can also add even more information regarding year, rating, contributing artist, composer, and more, making your searches as simple as possible. From here you can also access videos and pictures, effectively placing all relevant media in one highly accessible location. Media can be added to your library through your hard drive or remotely via an external drive. This is a particularly interesting feature, since libraries can be added directly from other devices/ machines on your network

Media can be added to your library through your hard drive or remotely via an external drive. This is a particularly interesting feature, since libraries can be added directly from other devices/ machines on your network

If you want to initiate playback, click on a file. This will activate your player at the bottom of the screen. Its layout is basic enough, allowing you to play back a track, skip tracks, repeat and shuffle. One of WMP's biggest draws is its huge number of compatible formats. Unlike other media players, WMP supports almost every media format, making it one of the most versatile players out there. If there are any playback issues occurring with your player, WMP will automatically connect to the internet, find the missing codecs and download them, meaning playback is rarely an issue. The only issue I encountered was that computer speed was occasionally affected by playback, though certainly nothing major. 

WMP's trademark visualization features are also included, letting you truly feel the rhythm of your music with colorful and creative graphic visualizations: spirals, neon effects, bars, portals, everything you can imagine. If local playback isn't enough, the player also has an online radio feature, letting you listen to and save tracks from thousands of different radio stations. You can also stream content from one device to another, or allow your computer to be controlled remotely as a player, which is quite interesting. 

Create and Customize

Creating a playlist can be done with a button at the top, after which you can drag and drop the tracks you want, re-order them and then save/ name the new playlist. You can then annotate that playlist, sync it with another device, or burn it on to a CD/ DVD using the built-in CD/DVD Burner. Playlists provide great entertainment for listeners, whether listening casually, entertaining guests at a party or if you're just trying to be creative. 

Going for a minimalist look, WMP is still highly customizable, with a diverse range of skins, visualizations and plug-ins. This allows a user to transform their player however they like. Because of its minimalist button layout, any new look you use will not affect playback. Add skins via the Microsoft site - everything from Batman to Terminator to Xbox Live, fitting every mood. Skins can be applied to specific playlists for a highly personal approach to media playback. Playback formats can be expanded through plug-ins: DVD decoders and players, audio effects (DSP) plug-ins and much more. 

The Verdict

Windows Media Player is a shining example of how simplicity still prevails for media playback. Its compact, grey interface contains everything in one handy location, including playback options, playlist creation, streaming, organization, categorization of your collection by artist, album, genre etc. and the option to do a lot more. Annotate your music and be as detailed as you like. Burn playlists on to CDs. The player supports a huge range of formats, and will quickly update itself if a codec is missing. The best feature of all is its online functionality, allowing you to sync your entire library with another device on your network. Playback can be customized to your liking, too, with a large set of visualizations, skins and plug-ins to transform both your audio experience and the overall look of your player. Overall, Windows Media Player 2015 is a solid media player for any Windows user. It's fast, compact, multifunctional and highly customizable. Well worth downloading. 




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Type Freeware

Version 11.0.5721.5230

Size 24.55 MB

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11.0.5721.5230 2013