Windows Phone App for Desktop


Synchronize all data between your mobile phone and PC and never miss any files

The Windows Phone Application for the PC is the most effective program to synchronize all the contents stored on your mobile device or table with the PC. Thanks to this Microsoft tool you’ll be able to automatically access the photographs and movies from your phone, or access your iTunes TV programs, podcasts and music lists.

When you download Windows Phone Application for the Desktop you’ll have a fundamental tool available to synchronize Windows Phone with the PC, that will let you import any item from the phone. You’ll also be able to check the space available on the mobile device, so that you’ll never completely run out of storage space.

Another of the things that this Windows Phone Application for the PClets you do is to automatically transfer entire lists from your device to the PC. Thus, you’ll have your selection of iTunes or Windows to run them whenever you want, without customizing your preferences again.

If,on the contrary, you want to play songs that you originally had on the PC as a mobile ringtone, now you’ll instantly have this option available. In addition, there is the important option of importing the Windows Phone agenda, which will provide you multiple new possibilities to organize your day.

Finally, it should be noted that the application will let you carry out manual selections and specifically choose what contents to share and what not, or select specific material from certain locations to automatically synchronize it. You’ll also be able to select the default destination for every file on your PC, to avoid any problem.

If you want a utility that is both effective and easy to use, to synchronize your PC with the mobile device, this is your opportunity. Download Windows Phone App for the Desktop free!

• Synchronizes all sorts of media files between the PC and the mobile device
• High transfer speed
• Allows manual selection
• Several configuration options
• Imports complete playlists

• Only works with Windows 7 and Windows 8

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.1720.1

Size 6.48 MB

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