Use Windows applications on your Mac easily


  • Easy to use
  • Starts Windows applications
  • Converts .EXE file into a Mac app


  • Some apps and programs don’t work

WineBottler is a program that allows you to start and use Windows apps on your Mac. Rather than being an emulator, this program is a version of the Linux tool, Wine, and compiles the source code of the Windows app so it can be used on Mac.
Start the program and run it for Mac
The program is simple to use, even for a novice user: simply click on the .EXE program or game you want to start, and WineBottler will detect the file. You can choose to start the program directly, or even create it as a Mac app, for which you have several configuration options, such as the option to choose the version of Windows for which you want adapt the program and the filename you want to assign.
Once converted to a Mac application, you can have the icon on your desktop to launch it.
The program includes a list of apps to install automatically: it is as simple as clicking on the install button and the program will get to work, creating the icon on the desktop in the same manner as described above and then following the same steps.
In short, if there are Windows apps you've always wanted to use or games you've wanted to play on your Mac, WineBottler can help you start them. This open source software is created by a user though, so it won’t work for all apps and programs

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Type Freeware

Version 1.6.1

Size 122.01 MB

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