Compress and decompress with WinRAR


  • High compression rate.
  • Menu integration.
  • Create self-extracting files


  • The format with the highest compression rate is RAR.

WinRAR is a data compressor that needs no introduction. When it comes to decompressing files, this software is the best choice to do so with stunning speed. If you haven’t already done so, why wait any longer to download it onto your PC?

The best option for the internet

If you download internet files often, it’s likely that in more than one occasion you’ve come across compressed folders. This happens in order to reduce the size of the files, which in turn frees up the servers and allows for a much speedier download. Whatś more, these files are really easy to store.
With this in mind, it’s normal that WinRAR has become a program in high demand. During its conception it was to be for offline use, today it’s known for its efficiency in carrying out everyday tasks. The main reason why you’d want WinRAR? Decompression of downloaded files and the space it will save you.

The biggest compression lab in the world

ZIP and RAR are the most used compression formats in the world. The first is one of the most well-known; even the latest versions of Windows support ZIP. But RAR is the format of choice for WinRAR and, as such, ensure that the files are openable from any PC with a compressed file manager.
WinRAR doesn’t just read RAR files, but can also decompress compressed files in any format. This list of compatible files is endless, but some worthy of note are RAR, ZIMP, TAR, ACE, 7Z, ISO amongst others.
Whether it's to save space on your hard drive or external drives, download using a download manager, make backup copies, or send large files via email, WinRAR fits the bill to perfection.

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Type Shareware

Version 5.60 (64-bit)

Size 3.03 MB

Other versions

5.60 (64-bit) 5.60 (32-bit) 5.60 beta 5 (64-bit) 5.60 beta 5 (32-bit) 5.60 beta 3 (32-bit)