Unzip, decompressor and extract all of your files with this versatile utility for Macintosh


  • Supports ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, 7Z, and other formats
  • Sync with cloud storage services
  • Send files by email directly


  • No complaints

WinZip is a file compressor and decompressor widely used in Windows, and is now fully adapted and integrated for Mac OS X systems.
WinZip is very simple to use, since you just drag and drop files or folders you want to compress into the interface, and the compression process starts automatically .
The program is compatible with ZIP and ZIPX formats, but also works with RAR, JAR, and WAR 7Z formats, among others.
Reduce size, edit, and protect
Winzip greatly reduces the space occupied by files, and can also add a high level of encryption, and password-protect them. Moreover, you can also encrypt files or resize images within compressed files without having to recreate them. You can also preview content before extracting it, and you can see the difference  in size between the uncompressed and compressed files to see how much space you’ll save.
Cloud storage
WinZip can sync with various cloud storage services, including iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and ZipShare. The files you have stored can be opened directly from the cloud without you having to download them. When you upload, you also get a link to share them with whoever you need, sending the link by email, Skype, social networks or other applications.
You can also use keyboard shortcuts to upload files to the cloud faster, and organize and rename files and folders.

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Version 6.0

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